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/ Case Study / Case Study: Swift Action

Case Study: Swift Action

Just days before their first annual DECAF Festival, the cellist contacted The Word Tailor asking for help. Unable to make time or sense of the DIY method for creating a website with e-commerce ticketing option for patrons, Lindsay Groves reached out. We:

  • Provided how-to instruction on obtaining URL & hosting
  • Completed WordPress site within two days
  • Researched & recommended best online ticketing option plugin
  • Set up the ticketing plan
  • Connected the ticketing form using a WordPress plugin to the site
  • Presented completely functional site for first concert just 4 days from hire and one day before first performance


DECAF Festival was born while Lindsay Groves was Principal Cellist at Hawaii Symphony Orchestra. Traveling from Hawaii with a stop in Denver within a week of the first concert back in New York, Lindsay was in a near state of panic. With a WordPress for Dummies book in tow, Lindsay decided it was more than she could handle and hired The Word Tailor to assist.

The New York Quartet wanted to have a simple website with bios of the players and a secure, online ticketing option. They also wanted a platform they could easily add to and make changes with little learning curve. The problems Lindsay encountered included time to learn something new; music is her forte, not technology; she didn’t know where to begin with the e-commerce options; and aside from discovering the desired domain was available, didn’t know where to begin, let alone finish and achieve the desired goals. The biggest obstacle was time. Lindsay returned to New York just a few days before the first festival after being away for a year.

How The Word Tailor Helped

Lindsay hired The Word Tailor and we immediately went to work. We found a suitable WordPress theme, installed it on their hosting plan, and added pages and content to customize the site, completing this in just two days over a holiday weekend. Lindsay provided biographies and images of the players and the group. The Word Tailor edited the bios and uploaded them and the images to the site. We also researched the best online ticketing platform for their needs; set up the program; and then installed the plugin on the site connecting the form for a seamless order process.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The fully functioning site was up one day in advance of their first performance and three weeks in advance of the second performance. Now, they are able to link their online ticketing option to their social media accounts. As a small group with limited resources, it’s vital for this group to leverage social media and their personal networks as much as possible.

The next step is to address branding and create a logo that represents their brand.

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