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/ Strategy Services Denver

Strategy Services Denver

icon-strategyStrategies enable businesses to align overall goals with tactical-level decisions.

Making and executing an overall plan for your business is crucial to its success. Creating and implementing a business strategy aligns day-to-day operations while providing the most direct route to achieving higher-level business goals. Without a plan in place, detours, delays, redundancies, and road blocks abound. In other words, both human and capital resources are wasted. The business, marketing, branding, and sales strategies all need to be congruent and aligned with each other in order to be successful.

How does your sales strategy stack up? Is your sales team going after the low-hanging fruit only for commissions or are they targeting the market that most directly aligns with the goals of the business for long-term success? Does it align with your brand and your marketing strategies to support the overall business goals?

Think your marketing strategy is on target? A sound marketing strategy aligns your business goals with all your marketing efforts and makes it cost effective and maximizes ROI. Is your marketing attracting the right type of client? What about the cost effectiveness of those efforts? Not only that, how well do you track every campaign to ensure the most effective tactics can be determined and capitalized? Does your marketing strategy support awareness, sales, and customer advocacy?

The Word Tailor experts pinpoint the appropriate strategies & implement them to help you achieve your business goals without wasting precious time stuck in traffic or getting lost—wasting money and time. Whether it’s creating the right marketing strategy, or performing a crucial SWOT analysis, The Word Tailor sets the course to a sustainable competitive edge to increase sales and foster growth.

Business strategy

  • Assist in defining overall goals
  • Business planning
  • Market segmentation
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competitive research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Business plan development
  • Company naming
  • Product/service naming

Marketing strategy

  • Identify marketing goals
  • Marketing planning
  • Focus on awareness, sales, and customer advocacy
    • Social media strategy
      • Social media development
      • Social media integration
      • Social media campaign planning and execution
    • Publicity strategy
      • Press release writing and submission
      • Media kit development
      • Media training
      • Media relations
      • Reputation management
    • SEO strategy
      • Organic search optimization
      • Organic integration into social media and blog strategies
    • Blog strategy, development, and execution
    • Website strategy
      • Mobile web development
      • Responsive web development
      • Paid search strategy (PPC, AdWords, AdSense, etc.)
      • Website architecture based on web usability

Sales strategy

  • Ensure sales strategy is congruent with business strategy and marketing strategy
  • Market identification and definition
  • Channel identification and optimization

Brand strategy

  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Brand definition
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand management
  • Brand marketing
  • Brand education
  • Brand consulting
  • Brand workshops
  • Logo design
  • Brand identity design and standards

As a marketing company committed to aligning our clients’ overall business strategy with their marketing, branding, and sales strategies to achieve successful outcomes, we strive to help businesses thrive.

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