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/ List of Services, Marketing

List of Services, Marketing

The Word Tailor’s four core competencies will provide you with the right solutions for effective marketing. We build solid strategies, memorable brands, on-target messaging and effective design. The Word Tailor can perform all of these services or just parts if collaboration is necessary, but either way we find the hidden gems you may be overlooking and bring them to light supporting a polished brand that drives business action.


  • Business strategy
    • Business plan development
    • Company naming
    • Product/service naming
    • Competitive research
  • Marketing strategy
    • Social media strategy
      • Social media development
      • Social media integration
      • Social media campaign planning and execution
    • Publicity strategy
      • Press release writing and submission
      • Media kit development
      • Media training
      • Media relations
      • Reputation management
    • SEO strategy
      • Organic search optimization
      • Organic integration into social media and blog strategies
    • Blog strategy, development, and execution
    • Website strategy
      • Mobile web development
      • Responsive web development
      • Paid search strategy (PPC, Adwords, etc.)
      • Website architecture based on web usability
  • Sales strategy
    • Market identification and definition
    • Channel identification and optimization
    • Ensure sales strategy is congruent with business strategy and marketing strategy
    • Evaluate and assist commission structure


  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Brand definition
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand management
  • Brand education
  • Brand consulting
  • Brand workshops
  • Logo design
  • Identity design and standards


  • Website design
  • Brochure design and collateral
  • Ad design
  • Branding design
  • Graphic design services
  • Illustrations
  • Investor presentations
  • Annual reports
  • Tradeshow booth graphics
  • Events and promotions
  • Presentation decks
  • Direct mail and email campaigns
  • Marketing communications
  • Packaging
  • Signage
  • Website design optimization


  • Copywriting
  • Strategic messaging in alignment with overall strategy
  • SEO copywriting
  • Blog writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • White paper and by-line article writing
  • Press release writing & submission