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/ 2019

Year: 2019

Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps

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The original list of hundreds under investigation has now grown to "tens of thousands".  Facebook reports the apps were created by about 400 developers which may have mishandled users' personal data in connection with Cambridge Analytica. Facebook has suspended all apps associated with the investigation. There is still a lot of ambiguity as to the level of exposure to personal data and the i...
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The purpose of advertising

Originally published in my National Marketing Examiner column February 7, 2012 As I was pondering what to write about today, I was snacking on my lunch on the deck while thumbing through a recent issue of “Mountain House & Home” magazine. I decided to check out the advertisements in the issue and see if a topic would hit me over the head. As I suspected, it didn’t take long before an an...
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