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Advertising isn’t dead

Advertising is far from going away despite the current consumer response from most advertisements. With intrusive, irrelevant, and in-your-face advertising that is bombarding our online experiences, the onus is on the marketer to make positive changes. Consumers do want to engage with brands. Consumers do enjoy certain advertisements. Think back twenty or thirty years and I’m sure you’ll remember a jingle or two that pops into your head from a commercial from that era. One of my favorite expressions when things get rough is: “Calgon link to: http://calgon.pdcbrandsusa.com/about-us take me away!” This iconic ad slogan from the 1970s advertising campaign is alive and well in many Americans judging from their responses when I say it.

The right campaign with the right delivery can make and often does make a lasting impression on consumers. Advertising proponents like Judy Shapiro and the marketing execs at Adobe have been promoting the need for marketers to make a change. They are not alone in the desire for marketing to engage with consumers in the right way. Advertising needs to focus on improving the advertising experience for the consumer – not just relevancy and targeting as some suggest but I add the delivery method as well as the structure or platform as important elements to advertising reform, so to speak.

With the trend of ad-blocking software growing, advertising reform must happen quickly. We as marketers are charged with enhancing the client’s business and we must lead the way. The Word Tailor with a deep background and strong passion for advertising is poised to exceed the challenge for the right client.