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/ Marketing team inspires confidence

Marketing team inspires confidence

Discover a Marketing Company whose  Daring Communications Deliver Dazzling Solutions  Swiftly for your Branding and Marketing

We know what it’s like. In fact, we’ve walked many miles in your shoes. When we were in corporate marketing, we both hired outside marketing consultants and suppliers. We remember the good and the bad about each of our hired suppliers and even the weaknesses of internal sources. We know it can be frustrating.

With external suppliers, you may wonder what the status of your project is on a daily basis. You may not get frequent updates. You begin to wonder if someone else’s project is getting more attention than yours. As each day passes without an update from your marketing team, the level of concern grows. You even start asking yourself, “Are they waiting until the last minute to work on my project?” All of these concerns spiral downward into thoughts that cripple your confidence in the marketing company simultaneously as you wonder, “What could they possibly deliver that aligns with my goals at the 11th hour? Am I getting the best of their thinking?”

As the spiral continues, your doubts about commitment and achievement increase. At this point, you seriously begin to wonder if the marketing team you once trusted will even be focused on providing the best solution for your brand. You feel their complacency. You may even have setbacks and delayed delivery. When the project is finally delivered, you discover the work is not polished and maybe even downright sloppy. Then it hits you: the marketing experts you hired aren’t providing the aspiring solution you desired. However, the most painful element of the entire experience is quite possibly the invisible danger of not getting what you need and not knowing just how critical that missing piece is to your overall solution.

Or maybe the problem is the marketing team didn’t listen carefully or ask the right questions. They then disappeared to do their work without checking in with you and presented a concept or product that doesn’t resonate and is totally off the mark with your brand direction. You think, “They just don’t get me or my business.”

We know these painful moments, the doubts about the marketing company’s true commitment to you, and what it feels like when your marketing team lets you down by missing the mark. The obvious disconnect is a painful reality.

We’re really sorry if this rings true for you. It doesn’t have to be this way. You deserve a team that inspires confidence in you and inspires action in your customers! Meet The Word Tailor where we ensure problems like this are not encountered. When you work with us, you get top-notch quality, attentive service, brilliant ideas, frequent communications, and on top of it all, it’s a fun experience!

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Sure…that’s what they all say”. That’s only natural especially if you’ve had lackluster or bad experiences in comparison. Why should you trust what we say to be true? Jena has been dazzling clients across the globe since founding the word tailor in 2001 and still continues to do so today.

Here are some highlights to ease your fears and bolster your confidence:

  • Achieved a 2857% ROI on a single direct response sales letter
  • Saved a construction client in Florida $1 million with one single letter and supporting business case
  • Launched start-up company in 5 months including branding, ecommerce website design and development, blog, event marketing, social media, and public relations
  • Led re-branding efforts for start-up company for three separate brands; created advertising programs; created names and logo systems for ad packages; website design, copywriting, and development for three websites; business consulting; business development; messaging; creating infographics; creating investor decks; business strategy including SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, competitive research, and market segmentation and identification; product development and management

Get started with us!

We know there are hundreds of marketing agencies to choose from, but these are some of the benefits to working with The Word Tailor:

  • Our synergy provides better results faster
  • Quicker process enables flexibility, more options, and faster completion without sacrificing quality
  • You get superior quality, ideas, execution, and delivery
  • Our passion fuels deeper commitment, deeper thinking, and higher quality results
  • Working with us is FUN due to our charismatic personalities!
  • Our collective and overlapping experience enables us to share our wealth of knowledge to provide a variety of unique services and solutions quickly and efficiently
  • Less is more! Our broad area of expertise and services means you need fewer outside consultants which prevents brand dilution and mixed messages
  • We dig deep to find your hidden gems to help strengthen (or define) your value proposition, increase the perceived value of your brand, drive sales, increase loyalty, and create brand advocacy
  • We align your business goals to maximize marketing spend, increase revenue, and discover additional income streams
  • We are visionaries and persistent thinkers discovering things others don’t giving you more perspectives and options which leads to finding new ways to make your business/product/brand better
  • We keep thinking throughout the process evaluating, validating, and measuring against goals even when we think we have the right solution to ensure we deliver the best solution
  • We understand your pain points to deliver an enjoyable relationship while providing cost- and time-saving benefits
  • We care about your money and experience as if it was our business. We consider ourselves stewards of your company and bring our highest level of commitment because we have also walked a mile in your shoes: If it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for you!
  • We don’t do it just for the money. We do this because we love it and we love helping people succeed
  • As a boutique agency we work with only a select group of clients to ensure we are able to take care of your needs, communicating clearly and frequently
  • We will lead you—we won’t lead you astray
  • We won’t be “bought”. You hire consultants to tell the truth. We are straight shooters and will tell you what you need to hear not necessarily what you want to hear and advise you accordingly—this is our daring communication
  • We put your best interests first
  • Powerful messaging. Known for achieving a 2857% ROI on a single sales letter and saving another client $1MM, we deliver high ROI messaging
  • Purposeful design. We deliver web-optimized designs for greater lead generation and clean and inviting design that generates intrigue for your brand. The experience is both a blend of art and science creating a stronger customer experience for your brand

Here is a sampling of what clients say about working with us:

I’ve hired other agencies, top-notch agencies and paid a lot of money for them and they don’t hold a candle to what you guys are doing. You’re the best.

–Bernie Petrescue, President, Dayspring Worldwide (Florida)

The quality of questions that Jena asked me and the way she listened foretold of the excellent quality of her website she developed. I discussed with Jena several ideas that I wanted to market. She helped me cut through the fog of the various things I wanted to try to get to the most profitable and efficient ones. Jena went well beyond just building the website and helped me build my business! I would recommend anyone who wants thoughtful strategic and tactical thinking to use the word tailor.

–Bob Hawkins, President, Quote Letters (Texas)

At first contact, I had no idea if The Word Tailor was the right place to help me. After an interview with Jennifer I felt her genuine concern. She definitely understands the importance of listening to your needs. I told her my vision and she was able to put all of my thoughts into writing. Thank you for helping me with my marketing materials. I’m very happy. Looking forward to working with you again.

–Esther Viera, Real Estate Consultant (California)

Carlie is a visionary.

–Flint McLaughlin, Founder and Managing Director of MECLABS Institute (Florida)

With a wider offering due to adding Carlie Schubert as partner and Chief Creative Officer in February 2015, The Word Tailor makes the following promise to each of our clients:

We pledge our dynamic synergy and daring communications will deliver dazzling solutions swiftly for your branding and marketing.

Yes, that’s a bold statement. We are committed to delivering this promise each and every time. The goal isn’t reached unless we deliver as promised.

We offer a comprehensive list of services and solutions thanks to our collective experience, education, and training totaling more than 45 years. Since both of us have worked on the agency and corporate side, we remember the pains marketers face on a daily basis.

In order to provide the best level of service possible and spend the required time on each assignment, we don’t work with as many clients as larger firms. As a boutique shop, we devote the necessary energy and time to you and your needs. This means that we can only work with so many clients at a time which means sadly, if you wait too long you may have to go on the wait list. That’s not good for us or you. After all, you want your needs attended to now not later. So don’t wait any longer. Contact us today to get started. For immediate attention, call us at 970.390.9615.

Get started with us!

There’s one more thing you must know. We don’t work with just any prospective client. We hand select companies we like—either the services or products they offer or the people in the organization. We cannot be “bought”. Being a boutique company, relationships are the most important aspect of our decision-making process. If it’s not a good fit, we will turn the work down. As hard as that is sometimes, we have learned through the years just how important it is in the long run. We are committed to long-term success for you and if we can’t build a solid foundation there’s no reason to invest resources into the structure.

We invite you to meet us to discover our personalities and talent. For the price of a breakfast, lunch, or happy hour, we will give you our undivided attention and a free consultation. Tap into our expertise and give us a whirl. Call 970.390.9615 or email us now to schedule a session with us. Let’s get started and see if we can help you reduce—or better yet eliminate—your marketing contracting complaints and get you on the road to a better experience and better results.

If your internal or external marketing supplier isn’t meeting your needs, why wait? Why settle for what you’ve always gotten? Why not break free from mediocrity? Call 970.390.9615 or email us now to break the habit and make the move toward better! Turn your back on bad service, lack of communication, lack of commitment, missed goals, off-the-mark deliverables, and the worst of all—complacency. Expect more.

Committed to your success,


P.S.—You deserve better. If your marketing isn’t hitting the mark or you’re not getting the level of service you desire, look no further. Call 970.390.9615 or email us for a free consult and a personal meeting. We ensure personal service at every stage of our relationship. We’re here to solve your marketing problems!

P.P.S.–Remember, we look for the “right” prospective client, not just any client. Meet us now to see if we’re a good mutual match while we still have client space available. Don’t jeopardize your brand or overall success by delaying.

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