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We can tell you all about our unique offerings but what our clients say has more impact. We like to help people achieve their goals and improve the way they do business for better results. Since strong branding, design, messaging & strategy are applicable to all markets, The Word Tailor has served a variety of companies, brands, and industries.

I recently hired The Word Tailor/Jennifer Taylor to write copy for one of my companies’ websites. We met to review the keywords associated with the site (accounting/tax/consulting services). I provided her with approximately 20 words or so to start. She then later reviewed some 30,000 keywords and culled them down into a manageable list that’s now being integrating into my new website.  I was floored. No one has ever done this level of work for me before. I’ve been very impressed with her level of detail. I’m looking forward to Jena repeating this process for my four other websites. I’m also going to have her do some sales letter writing and blog writing. I recommend her services.

–Al Davidson, Managing Member, ProTrader Tax

Thank you Jena! You continue to blow me away!

–Caroline Muse, Sr. Brand Strategist, IBM Watson Health

I hired The Word Tailor to create ads for our building materials business in the Rocky Mountains. Jena was able to concept and produce ads that spoke to our audience which is primarily men in a rural, cowboy setting. Our ads stood out from the rest in each publication and got people talking and gave us much-needed awareness when we expanded into a different county. Jena is easy to work with, manages deadlines and projects, and her creativity comes through in her work just as easily as the logical side. Jena worked on getting our first website up but our privately held and slow to move company didn’t think we needed a website in our industry. Jena is a pioneer and was ten years ahead of getting our first website published. I highly recommend her.

–Paul Taylor, Branch Manager, Pioneer Materials West Slope

“I’ve hired other agencies, top-notch agencies and paid a lot of money for them and they don’t hold a candle to what you guys are doing. You’re the best.”

–Bernie Petrescue, President, Dayspring Worldwide

“At first contact, I had no idea if The Word Tailor was the right place to help me. After an interview with Jennifer I felt her genuine concern. She definitely understands the importance of listening to your needs. I told her my vision and she was able to put all of my thoughts into writing. Thank you for helping me with my marketing materials. I’m very happy. Looking forward to working with you again.”

–Esther Viera, Owner

“Jena & Carlie continue to wow and amaze us! They bring business solutions to us in addition to creating three remarkable custom websites, advertising packages, investor presentations, SWOT analysis, sales presentations, and more.”

–Mark Miller, CEO and co-founder, Dayspring Worldwide, Inc.

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